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Srijeda, 09 Srpanj 2014 15:07

Mladi zainteresirani za međunarodni kamp u Zadru, prijavite se na dolje navedenu email adresu.

Traži se 5 sudionika (18. do 26. godina) za volontiranje u međunarodnom radnom kampu u Zadru od 02. do 15.08.2014.
Osim volontera iz Hrvatske, na festivalu će volontirati sudionici iz Francuske i Estonije.
Sudionicima su potpuno pokriveni troškovi smještaja i hrane.



Tema radnog kampa: 
The participants are expected to help in organization of the Zadar snova - International Festival of Contemporary Theatre. Festival's volunteers would learn firsthand about staging and setting up the art productions.
Participants will have a free entrance to festival. 
Activities, set between 3rd and 13th of August, would include:
1. Assistance in preparing the venue for the night performances (practical things such as construction of the stage and associated objects, stacking chairs for audience, cleaning area before and after the events, technical requirements), looking out for stuff… (no special skills required except for good will
2. Duties in the Community and cultural IT center ACME (established and run by Zadar snova since 2005, providing non-formal education, various cultural content and IT help and support to citizens that are free of charge). ACME is a public office open from 9 - 21h to all citizens and city’s guests, also festival’s press center during August. (activity requires basic or advanced skill/knowledge in using of IT equipment, working on Microsoft Operating System and/or Linux)
In the course of these activities volunteers will be guided and supervised by our dedicated crew and theatre professionals.
The working hours are more or less six per day, there will be some work during the day on preparing the venue for the performances, and some work will be done in the evening and after the performances and concerts finish.

Više informacija o kampu je u prilogu.
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